Difference Between VUMU and VidProposals

Difference Between VUMU and VidProposals

Vid proposals and Vumu are way different from each other.

Vid Proposals is only focused on video proposals, lead Gen and close deals.

Vumu has proposals as one of its features. Vumu is a bigger platform, and a

One-stop-shop solution.


Vumu helps you send out personalised outreach, Automations, and built-in CRM. So, you can

enhance your outreach process by personalised images & videos at scale to your contacts.


Automation helps you eliminate unnecessary manual work and boost productivity. You just need to set up

flows and triggered events so that tasks happen without you having to lift a finger. Automation features

also assist you with customer retention by allowing you to schedule campaigns to fuel customer

interactions. With automation, you can automatically send a personalised email whenever a deal is

created or reaches a certain stage. This keeps your leads and prospects warm while you can focus on

other high-priority sales activities.

Built-in CRM:

CRM allows you to send and receive emails directly in your Vumu app
Inbox A built in inbox where you can receive and send emails directly.
Contacts You can import your contacts from any of your preferred platforms and send them personalised emails on scale.

Personalised Images:

Allows you to enhance your outreach experience and catch your prospects / customers attention and get the deals closed. You just have to add a tag of your choice and share it to your prospect list.

Personalised Videos& Landing Pages:

Allows you to create personalised videos landing pages for your prospects and helps to add more value to your content. You can add tags to the landing pages for more personalised experience.


Helps you integrate with different platforms so you can ease your VUMU experience.

Gmail integration.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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