How do I password Protect my Video?

Sometimes your video does include some important information which should not be visible to any other common person. In that case, there should be a password protection so that it can only be visible to the user whom you sent out the video and here we are giving you this feature as well

Here is how do I password Protect my Video:

There are a few easy steps to make your video password protected

Clicking the 'Edit' button from the drop-down menu on the dashboard will allow you to access the video you wish to make password protected

When the video Landing page appears, click on the arrow to open the right panel

Go to ‘More’ options

Enable the toggle against ‘Set Password’

Enter at least 5 digit password in the given panel

To view your password click on the ‘preview’ button

Click on the ‘Save’ button to make the changes saved

Please note that while sharing the video with your prospects, don’t forget to share the password of the video with them ;)
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