How to Integrate G-mail with Vumu?

This is a great feature. Which enables you to add your gmail account with Vumu. Email deliverability is very important for reach out to your customers. By adding the Gmail this will cove this aspect.

Where to add Gmail workspace
How to add Gmail workspace

Where to add Gmail workspace

While staying on the dashboard, click on the Icon Profile and go to “Settings”.

You will see a Left Panel with an arrow. Click on it to open the Panel

After clicking this button, you will be redirected to the page. scroll down a bit and click on this
“+ Add a gmail account”.

When you click on “+ Add a gmail account " A modal will appear.
Follow the steps that are mentioned in the modal as mentioned below:

First we will see where to enable "Enable IMAP" settings under Gmail workspace:

1- Open your G-mail Account
2- Click the "Settings" Icon in the top right corner of the screen
3- Click on "See all settings"

4- Click the “Forwarding and POP/MAP” tab
5- In the “IMAP access” section, Select Enable IMAP

6- Click on “Save Changes”

Step: 05
After enabling the "IMAP Access" now click "Next" from the modal.

Step: 06
After clicking on the Next button, A second modal will appear.

Follow the mentioned steps in the given modal. Need to enable below settings in Gmail workspace
Enable Enable 2-Step verification
Generate App password

Enable 2-Step verification
Instruction for Enabling 2-Step Verification:

1- Go to your Google’s Account at the top right corner of the screen and click on “Manage your Google Account”

2- Click on Security, A page will open where you can go at the bottom of the page and click on 2-Step Verification

Click “Get Started”

Here enter your Gmail Password in the given field and click on Next button

Click "Continue" button

Here choose your country code and enter your phone number for verification purpose and click on "SEND" button

Enter your code which you have received by Text message\ phone call
Click "NEXT" button

Once you’ve confirmed click "TURN ON"

Create an App password

Go back to the Security option and Click on* “App Passwords”**

Enter your Gmail Password in the given field and click on Next button

Select App and Device. For the App click on Mail. And for Device you can simply click on Other (Custom).
Select a name. The name doesn’t really matter but for organizational purposes you can type in Vumu - Email Connection and then click on Generate.

After that, A modal will open, from here you have to copy this code

Step: 07
After following the 3 steps that are mentioned in the modal. Click on “Next button”

Step: 08
Here you put in the basic Contact Information shown in the Image below
And** Paste the code** in the given field that you copied from the “Generated app password”.

Click on Next button and a new Gmail account will be added to your VUMU account.

When sending emails through Gmail, Only sent email's will appear into Vumu inbox.
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