How to change the theme of your Video Landing Page?

Theme is very important for the landing page. This not only enhance the appearance of the page but also enhance readability. In this article, we are going to tell you How to change:

Title of the page
Logo of the page
Fav icon
Fold background

See how to change the theme of your Video Landing Page:

A landing page is a standable web page and by using Vumu you can make Landing Pages more attractive. Landing pages promote customer focus and will attract your target audience and the outreach becomes easier and effective

Open any proposal by clicking “Edit” from the dashboard.

You will see a Right Panel with an arrow. Click on it to open the Panel.

On the right Panel, you will see multiple options. Click on “Theme Settings” button

Enable the “Customize Theme” toggle to edit your landing page

A modal will appear and now you can set the background image of your landing page by choosing from the provided background templates or upload any image from your local machine.

On the top, you will see an option to change the “Logo”. Click on it and upload any image from your local machine.

There’s an option to change ‘FavI-con’ right next to the logo Button. Click on it and upload any image from your local machine.

You can change the background color by choosing any color from the palette appears after clicking on “+Add Color” .

You can also add Heading and can change its appearance by using tools given in the toolbar .

You can check how it will look like before applying changes by clicking on ‘Update preview’ and it will appear on the preview screen which is on the right side.

After finishes the editing, click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

By clicking on the “Preview Button” from top right. You can see the final look of your landing page that you have just edit.

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