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How to integrate Vumu personalized image with ActiveCampaign?

How to integrate Vumu personalized image with ActiveCampaign?

When you personalized an Image, you can share it with your active users at a time by sharing it via creating a campaign. To see how you can personalize an image, please view this article:

To integrate Vumu personalized image with ActiveCampaign


After clicking on the " save & Next" button, click on the "Yes, I want to add a page" button if you want to add a page linked to your image


A modal will display, allowing you to choose a video from your dashboard, a personalized video, or an external link


If you want to choose a video from your dashboard, go with the "Dashboard Video" and choose a video


if you want to add a Personalized Landing Page behind your image, you can do so by going to the "Personalized Landing Page" section


If you want to add an external link, paste the link into the "paste your video link here" field


If you don't want to add a personalized Landing page, click on the "No, I don't want to add" button


After adding a URL behind your image, click on the "Apply" Button


Now to integrate your image, click on the "Get Code" button


After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the bottom of the page from where you can choose ActiveCampaign for Integration


After clicking on the ActiveCampaign, a modal will appear where a code will be displayed and you have to copy it from the copy button and click on the "Done" button after that to close the modal


After logging into your ActiveCampaign Account, click on the Campaign Button from the left panel


To start your campaign, click on the "Create your first campaign"


After that, enter the "Campaign Name" in the given field and select the campaign type from the given types. Then click "Next"


Choose the contacts or a list of contacts you have in your ActiveCampaign account or you can search the list of the contact from the search bar and hit the "next" button


Choose "Custom HTML" from the displayed modal and click on "Continue"


Click on the "Start from Scratch"


Enter the "Email subject" in the "Sender Details" modal and then click on the "Continue" button


Paste the code in the insert panel, the code you copied in "Step-10" and then click on the "Next" button


After that, the "Campaign Summary" page will appear so that you can check if it shows you an error (if there's any)


After correcting the mistakes, scroll down a bit and click on the " send" button

Create a Contact list in ActiveCampaign


Click on the "Contacts" icon from the left panel on the dashboard


Click on the " Add Contact" button


Add the contact details in the "Add a Contact" modal and click on "Add"


If you want to make a list of contacts, then, before clicking on the "add contact" button, choose the list type from the "List" drop-down menu

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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