How to update profile information?

Keeping profile information updated on a professional platform plays an important role just as keeping your profile picture updated. It will attract your users and your profile look original to them. They will become comfortable whenever they received content from your side.

Here is how to update profile information:

See how to update profile information:

Click on the "Profile Icon" which is at the top right corner of your dashboard screen

Choose the "Settings" option from the drop-down menu

You will be redirected to the "Profile" page where you can make changes to your Profile

To add/edit the name, enter your name in the "Your Name" field

To add/edit the company name, enter your company name in the "Company" field

To add/edit the country name, click on the "Country" field and choose any country from the drop-down menu

Click on the "Country code" button and choose your country's code from the given options on the drop-down menu

Enter your phone number in the "phone number" field

After making changes to your profile information, don't forget to click on the "Save" button

To add/edit the profile picture, please visit How to add/edit the profile picture?
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